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Xrox Toner Suppliers

  • 100% lifetime warranty
  • Better Page Yield
  • Reduced Cost Per Page
  • No Compromises in Quality
  • Wide Coverage
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Why Clients Choose Xerox Toners

  • 70 years of Experience in Toner Technology
  • From the inventors of toner technology
  • With High-quality and Precision
  • Safe for the printer
  • Cost advantage over OEM toners
  • Toner Cartridges are Print and leak tested
  • Lifetime Guarantee for manufacturing faults
  • Better yield
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Xerox Toner Suppliers

Tycoon has joined hands with the premier brand and pioneers in copiers and toners, Xerox. We, who have been in the forefront of toner supplies , have been appointed as the sole distributor for the Xerox branded laser toners for the non-Xerox printers like Brother, HP, Kyocera, OKI, Lexmark etc. Tycoon also offers a wide range of imaging supplies, apart from printer supplies, not to mention computer peripherals as well. Tycoon is a company that is on a journey to being the one-stop destination for solutions to clients’ printing requirements, which allows our customers to rent or lease everything that they require for their printing needs in their workspace or home.

Why Xerox toners?

Xerox is the leading technology leader in printer and toner production with an unparalleled Xerographic expertise. Their robust design methods and top-of-the line tools employed in manufacturing their products ensure a higher quality that is unseen in the market. The company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty to their clients. Xerox is the only OEM alternative for the other OEM toners, with an assurance given by Xerox on quality, price and yield. Manufactured in North America, Xerox provides 100% lifetime warranty. With being the sole distributor of Xerox toner supplier , Tycoon can assure you considerable discount on your toner cost without compromising but enhancing on the quality. Moreover, with Xerox toner, customers get better page yield and hence can get a reduced cost per page for their printing requirements.

Why Choose Xerox toners over other brands

The toner technology was invented by Xerox more than seven decades ago, and till date, they have continued to lead the field with an unsurpassed experience in the area of laser printing. As such, there are few who knows how to make the perfect print.

Xerox’s relentless focus on their products performances, pre-& post-launches, pushes for a premier quality. Besides, they have a closed loop corrective action process to drive improvement in their product line. Xerox has three stages of in manufacture that ensures high quality.

Design & Development

Affordable & Innovative : Xerox use only virgin OEM empties

Products are subjected to environmental extremes of temperature and humidity before launch

Thorough component screening evaluation prior to production

Technical Knowledge : Tycoon has an expert panel of technicians who are well versed with printer machine rentals and operations. Our courteous and trained technical staff can help our clients with any printer or copier leasing solution, and are able to setup and hold up printer operations in no time.

A Xerox owned Image Quality Analysis system

Qualification and testing

The products are measured and analysed for 20 performance attributes

Thorough life testing to ensure design stability

Triple tested to ensure on-going, consistent quality

ISO 19752/19798 protocols are used for yield testing


Highly regulated storage temperatures

Drop, compression and vibration testing

Shake testing for toner leakage

With such rigorous testing and development, Xerox supplies for non-Xerox printers are in high demand.

Monetary Savings

With Xerox toners, customers are provided between a discount percentage of 25% and 35% cost savings compared to OEM cartridges. This ensures that Xerox cartridges will deliver a page yield that is equal to or significantly better than OEM original cartridges. Thus, customers will get a lower cost per page on all Xerox cartridges compared to OEM.

No Compromises in Quality

Xerox, with more than 70 years of experience, is the leader in toner technology with excellence in colour. Throughout their years of operation, the company has carried forth a comprehensive post-manufacturing print testing that ensures their products deliver optimal print quality and performance all through their lifespan. Manufactured in North America, the toners and cartridges are designed and developed in accordance with the industry standard specifications; hence they take immense care to keep the quality on par with international standards.

Every Xerox toner cartridges are print tested before they are sent in for packaging. Additionally, tests are performed on the final and fully assembled product. In some cases, if not deemed necessary, the chip is exempted out of tests. Moreover, every cartridge that comes out of the assembly line is configured identically without any of the key components undergoing any variations. This ensures that the Xerox toners are, as a whole, manufactured of high-quality and precision.


When you buy Xerox cartridges or toner from Tycoon, you do not have to worry about any performance issues. Our clients will be getting ifetime guarantee, if a cartridge is proved to contain a defect in workmanship or materials while being stored and used under normal conditions. Moreover, on using Xerox toners, customers wouldn’t be invalidating their printer warranty. In case of any related issues, our clients can get support from a free Xerox helpline. Additionally, Xerox is environmental conscious and has designed their cartridges in a way to minimize waste and be reusable

Wide Coverage

Xerox toners are able to cover an extensive list of popular OEM printers. With an ever-growing range of cartridges, Xerox toners are able to service 95% of HP and Brother printer models. Moreover, they have a current support of over 500 common printer models that are available in the market at present.

Benefits of Xerox Toners

Cost-Free Replacement

Customers buying their Xerox toner or cartridge from Tycoon be it for HP, Brother Toner, Canon Toner or any other printer brands are eligible to get a free replacement if they encounter any issues with their purchase. As it is, Xerox gives their word that each laser toner cartridge you buy from them will be free of defects throughout the product’s lifetime. In any event that a Xerox toner or cartridge is found defective, be it with regards to the material or workmanship, clients will be replaced with a new one free of cost.

Complete Reimbursement

In case any customer experiences any damage to their printer due to a Xerox laser toner cartridge, then the company promises a complete reimbursement for the directly related service cost on certification of that specific defect from the corresponding authorised service providers. However, a Xerox toner, under normal use, will not cause any type of damage, deterioration or abnormal wear to any printer.

Dedicated Customer Support

Xerox Cartridge Technology Centre (CTC) is a highly efficient and dedicated technical support staff that is committed to product development, continuing engineering, quality management, technical field support and customer satisfaction.

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Macro has been doing business with Tycoon for the last 1 year. During this time Tycoon have positioned themselves as a key supply chain ICT vendor for Macro. They have done this by being exceptionally responsive, commercially competitive, flexible and reliable.

Mace Macro International

Tycoon was unbelievably helpful to me when I wanted Print Solutions for my company. They went above and beyond what most would do in their place. Anytime I want something and Tycoon has it, I will be purchasing from them.

Al Basti & Muktha LLC

Since I started working with Tycoon, I feel like I have someone who knows what they do. Out of all the vendors I have worked with, Tycoon is the best.

BILT Middle East
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