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Avaya IP Office

What Do You Mean by IP Office?

Avaya makes use of IP technology as a solution for messaging, customer management, and voice and data communications, thus targeting a higher functionality at a low cost. This means, you can get an extensive all-in-one package without spending any extra money. You need only pay as you move forward.

So how does one use it for one’s business?

You can use Avaya IP Office to connect with your customers as well as your colleagues. It will simplify your access to information, while keeping all your workers in touch remotely. This system integrates time/call management, conferencing, networking, Voice over IP etc. and will save you money in the process

Avaya IP Office is a phone system designed by keeping small and medium businesses in mind. Tycoon will help your business to grow, and allow your enterprise to network efficiently and effectively with the powerful capabilities of Avaya.


Macro has been doing business with Tycoon for the last 1 year. During this time Tycoon have positioned themselves as a key supply chain ICT vendor for Macro. They have done this by being exceptionally responsive, commercially competitive, flexible and reliable.

Imran Akram

Mace Macro International

Tycoon was unbelievably helpful to me when I wanted Print Solutions for my company. They went above and beyond what most would do in their place. Anytime I want something and Tycoon has it, I will be purchasing from them.

Jacob Ambat

Al Basti & Muktha LLC

Since I started working with Tycoon, I feel like I have someone who knows what they do. Out of all the vendors I have worked with, Tycoon is the best.

Jiss Joseph

BILT Middle East