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AutoCAD Drafting Services

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Tycoon AutoCAD Drafting Services Includes

  • Architectural CAD Drafting
  • Structural CAD Drafting
  • Electrical CAD Drafting
  • Mechanical CAD Drafting
  • MEP CAD Drafting
  • Land Survey CAD Drafting
  • Civil CAD Drafting
  • Interior CAD Drafting
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Auto CAD Design & Drafting Company, UAE

Tycoon posses excellent team of skilled professionals capable of handling CAD based designing, 2D CAD Drafting, Architectural & Engineering CAD Services, Structural CAD Drafting, CAD Conversion, Paper to CAD etc. Our on-field and off-field expertise can be vouched for as the leaders in providing accurate and cost-effective CAD Drafting Services in the field of engineering. Tycoon’s professional team has in-depth knowledge base that is constantly updated, and rides on years of experience in providing CAD services to clients in UAE as well as overseas. Tycoon’s Auto CAD Drawing department helps our clients in generating computerized construction drawings. Moreover, any CAD Drawing generated can be managed without any hassles using CAD Document Management.

Tycoon’s well-trained CAD Technicians, adept at 2D CAD Drafting, Architectural & Engineering CAD Services, Structural CAD Drafting, and CAD Conversions, are always on call and will help clients with their temporary as well as permanent requirements for any kind of project irrespective of their size or complexity. This allows our clients to meet project deadlines comfortably, while keeping vigil on their budget overhead, thereby adding value to cost reduction.

AutoCAD Services Offered

Architectural CAD Drafting

Tycoon’s Architectural CAD Services focuses on Architectural 2D Cad Drafting, Architectural Planning, 3D Rendering, 3d Visualization, Animation and Walkthrough, 3D Models, 3d Architectural Rendering, and Architectural Visualization. Delegating Tycoon with your Architectural CAD Services will allow you to focus on your core business, while also increasing your project value. Moreover, it is also a cost-effective venture. Tycoon has had years of experience and expertise in the field of Architectural CAD Services, thus clients will get quality service within their budget limit. Tycoon’s expert team will ensure you get 100% satisfaction from the outcome of our project.

Tycoon has a skilled team that includes drafters, modelers, designers, and architectural engineers who are highly qualified, knowledgeable and always up-to-date on the latest developments and technologies in the field. Hence, they are expert in converting your hand sketches and documents to CAD Drawings that are on par with international standards. With cutting-edge technology and ever-evolving technological platforms and standards, Tycoon has progressed as the leaders in Architecture Planning, ArchitectureLandscape, ArchitectureInterior, Architecture Shop Drawing, Interior Millwork Shop Drawing, Architectural Visualization etc. in the UAE.

Our architectural drafting services include:

  • Exterior Details, Sections and Plans
  • Floor Plans and Roof Plans
  • Millwork Plans, Elevations and Details
  • Window, Door and Finish Schedules
  • Stair Plans, Sections and Details
  • Ceiling and Soffit Details
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Exterior Elevations
  • We have helped Architectural firms satisfy their clients’ needs and all our work is completed in-house!

    Structural CAD Drafting

    Tycoon provides Structural CAD Drafting services for our clients that range from Structural steel detailing, Structure 3d model, Structural 2D drafting, Rebar detailing,Shop drawings, Structural engineering services, Bar Bending Schedule, Structural design, and Structural Analysis. Apart from this, Tycoon’s Structural Engineering Services also includes fabrication design and steel designing services. Tycoon’s professional team of structural engineering consultants have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of structural services and are adept at delivering structural steel detailing and rebar detailing services.

    Tycoon believes in hard-word and quality and is commitment-centric. Therefore, each engineer in our team approaches every project as a challenge and will work dedicatedly and efficiently to fulfil our clients’ requirements, no matter the complexity and size of the project. Our Structural design services encompasses a wide range of areas including structural beam design, RCC design, RCC beam design, Structural Deck Design, RCC Slab Design, Timber Structure, Post Tension Structure, Prestressed Structures, and Seismic Designs. Our team takes a project through international standards and are well-versed in the latest technologies like Auto Sketch, AutoCAD, ETABS, SAFE, Staad, Ram, RISA, SAP2000, Micro Station, 3DS Max, Sketch Up etc.

    Our Structural drafting services include:

    • Steel detailing
    • Rebar detailing
    • Bar Bending Schedule
    • Beam Schedule
    • Column Schedule
    • Foundation Schedule
    • Detailed Shop Drawings
    • We have helped Structural firms satisfy their clients’ needs and all our work is completed in-house!

      Electrical CAD Drafting

      Tycoon provides their customers with extensive Electrical CAD Drafting and Designing services for projects of any complexity or size that require high precision and detailing. Our team of electrical draftsmen are skilled with the latest technology and well-versed in the latest developments in the field. They are proficient in working extensively on layouts, plans and electrical drawings of buildings, factories, plants etc.

      Tycoon Electrical CAD Drafting are offered to clients at a cost-effective price well within a stipulated turnaround time. Moreover, our electrical engineers and designers and draftsmen are skilled in CAD/CAE and work dedicatedly to provide the highest efficiency. Clients who approach Tycoon will be given a wide range of electrical CAD Designing services that focuses on power consumption, which also includes solutions like renewable energy. Tycoon’s team will deliver AutoCAD Electrical Drafting at a competitive price that will help you reduce your manpower cost, while keeping you within the time schedule of your project

      At Tycoon, we provide the following Electrical Drawings to our clients:

      • Detailed single line diagrams
      • Switchgear room layout
      • Substation layout, detailing, and sections
      • Cable routing layouts including MCT and Electrical equipment
      • Electrical system schematics
      • Termination / Interconnection diagrams
      • Earthing and lightning protection layouts
      • Lighting Layouts
      • Power Layouts
      • Containment Layouts
      • Small Power Circuits, CCTV & Fire Alarm systems
      • Voltage drop calculation, load schedule as per the standards.
      • ElV & LVschedule
      • Lighting fixture schedules
      • Detail drawings
      • Standard Installation drawings
      • MEP CAD Drafting

        MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) is a much sought after and in-demand service in construction and engineering, since it involves the three main elements present in every infrastructure. Tycoon MEP services focuses on planning and designing of the MEP systems, along with inspection, development of standard policies, and evaluating the MEP tools that includes cost estimation, specification, preparation and review of drawing of the MEP system, as well as the judicial branch facilities. Tycoon’s team of professionals are experts in supervising a MEP system and our MEP engineers are skilled in using the latest methods and maintenance management measures that are also used in the reviewing and updation of designs.

        At Tycoon’s MEP CAD Drafting services, our team supervises the functioning of MEP engineering and makes sure that every aspect of the system is efficiently done. Under MEP CAD Drafting, Tycoon provides its clients with the following key services:

        • Electrical drawings
        • Mechanical drawings
        • Plumbing drawings
        • Land Survey CAD Drafting

          Tycoon’s CAD services include Land Survey CAD Drafting, wherein the land in question is surveyed by a surveyor or surveying engineer who then defined the three-dimensional position of points that are found on the Earth’s surface, including the distances and angles between these points. Land surveying, as a process, has helped us in determining boundaries and property lines, define property ownership, draw accurate maps as well as other requirements that fall under the government or civil laws. Tycoon’s Land Survey CAD services focuses on the infrastructure and construction aspects for a variety of civil engineering projects. Our team of professionals use the latest technology and equipment to produce highly detailed and accurate outputs in survey drafting that ticks off all the client requirements.

          Our technicians are skilled in CAD and work dedicatedly in drafting detailed drawings of construction, topographical profiles and other specifications that are required in completing a civil project, whatever be its complexity or size. Working with Tycoon will bring our clients considerable reduction in costs, including in areas of human resources and the general cost of each project. Tycoon and our team of professionals take it upon ourselves to finish a project within the given the timeframe and budget of our clients, thereby helping our clients increase in productivity and revenue.

          Civil CAD Drafting

          CAD Designers has a range of services available in the civil engineering field.

          CAD Designers has a range of services available in the Civil Engineering Field. Working with Licensed Engineers, we have experience in land development, site planning, site survey, water/waste water, pump stations, grading/erosion control and plan and profiles. Let Cad Designers take your project form the Conceptual design phase to Construction drawings.

          Our Civil Engineering Drafting Services include:

          • Plan and Profiles
          • Site Plans
          • Grading Plans
          • Erosion Control Plans
          • Water/Waste Water
          • Pump Stations
          • We have helped Civil engineers and Civil engineering firms satisfy their clients’ needs and all our work is completed in-house!

            Interior CAD Drafting

            TYCOON can offer you the right support for interior design CAD drafting and drawing. We can draft customized interiors for residential projects, shopping centers, offices, hotel and restaurants, institutions and many others. We offer customized interior & millwork elevations, furniture layouts and electrical drawings according to your requirements.

            Specialists at TYCOON have the ability and qualification in understanding building systems so that, based on your sketches, they can integrate all the technical details in the design drafts. We touch a wide variety of interior drafting including presentation drawings as well as drawing sets, offered in convenient packages at affordable prices. We solve the most complicated requirements in your projects and sketches

            We approach every project with highly consideration of the construction standards and human dimensions, following your indications and sketches. We provide you CAD drafting for interiors, and we can also provide you CAD modeling for large interior projects and 3D rendering. With high quality in drafting, we have successfully performed an extensive number of projects all over the world.

            Shop Drawing Outsource Services

            We provide SHOP DRAWING Outsourcing Service from INDIA & UAE at very competitive price with top level accuracy, precision & speed; a consistent performance with no compromise on quality.

            Building Information Modeling Services (BIM)

            • Architectural
            • Plumbing
            • Structural
            • Mechanical
            • HVAC
            • Electrical

            CAD Conversation Services

            We provide CAD Conversion Outsourcing Service from India at very competitive price with top level accuracy, precision & speed; a consistent performance with no compromise on quality.

            Clients can be assured of us outsourcing Paper to AutoCAD Conversion of velum or Drawings Paper Copies, Hand Sketches, Hand Scribbles, Photographs or Raster images into 100% Architectural CAD geometry. The drawings are redrafted in CAD using Client’s layering standards or any other directions with 100% dimension accuracy.

            • Paper to CAD Conversion
            • Pdf to CAD Conversion
            • tiff to CAD Conversion
            • jpeg to CAD Conversion
            • bmp to CAD Conversion
            • Hand Sketches to CAD Conversion
            • Hand Scribbles to CAD Conversion
            • Scanned Documents to CAD Conversion
            • Velum or Blueprint to CAD Conversion
            • Photographs to CAD Conversion
            • Raster Image to CAD Conversion
            • CAD Redrafting & Conversion
            • AutoCAD to ArchiCAD conversion
            • ArchiCad to AutoCAD conversion

            TYCOON ADS stand as facilitator for outsourcing Client’s requirement of AutoCAD conversion of all types of Architectural Drawings viz. Plan, Elevation, Sections, Drawings of HVAC, Electrical, Firefighting, Plumbing, Landscaping Drawings, Structural Drawings, Survey Drawings, Sanitation & Piping Plan, Utilities, Working Drawings etc.

            Paper Drawings are subject to wear & tear causing to fade with passage of time & also it’s costly to store. Alternatively, the electronic version is quite safe to store and can be reviewed, edited & plotted any time with ease of handling and/ or sharing. Offshore outsourcing to India is one of the most popular management practices today. Though it is generally spurred due to the cost reduction aspects, major contributory factors in favor of offshore outsourcing are better productivity and much advancement in qualitative aspects of the works got done.


            • DEWA Standards (DUBAI)
            • ADDC Standards (ABU DHBAI)


Website Design

Tycoon has a strong team of designers who are adept at website design and development. Our skilled team can help create and design a website for you that will cater to all the online requirements your business needs.

Graphic Design

Tycoon Graphic Design Service caters to businesses who are in need of graphic detailing for their project or business needs. Our skilled team can whip up any graphic-related solutions for your online and offline businesses in a short time and at a competitive price.

Brochure Design

Tycoon Brochure Design services provides businesses, whether small, medium or big, with creatively designed brochures that can help them expand their business and reach their target audience. Tycoon’s team of innovative designers and creators will help clients design their own brochures according to their needs within a short time and at an affordable cost.

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