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Why Clients Choose Tycoon CCTV installation Services

  • Tried and tested quality branded CCTV Products
  • Services Includes Repairing and Servicing
  • Budget Friendly Products & Services
  • Varieties of IP Systems, HD Systems or Analogue systems
  • Three Year Warrenty on Equipments
  • Years of experience in the security industry
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CCTV Installation Services

When it comes to choosing the perfect CCTV surveillance systems , Tycoon has the best to offer. We have a wide range of systems ranging from CCTV cameras, Network Video Recorders, Digital Video Recorders, Network Cameras etc

Surveillance camera systemsare highly valuable assets in this day and age where people seek the highest possible security measures. Comprehensive CCTV camera for home and offices includes a variety of options like megapixel count, HD zoom capabilities, LCD monitors, covert cameras, IP cameras etc.

Installing CCTV camera systems for your homes or offices allows you to keep an eye around the clock no matter where you are located. This is very much needed in today’s environment wherein each and every piece of technology is advancing at the blink of an eye. With complicated issues arising every minute, we require sophisticated measures for sharp monitoring and effective security

Installing a CCTV camera as a remote eye is not only effective against the unethical activities of people, but also provides a general security about hazards that may arise due to fires, explosions, toxic chemical encroachment etc. CCTV cameras for offices and homes reduce the involvement of humans as a security officer, thus limiting manual effort and risk of loss of life. Moreover, the CCTV surveillance camera systems these days are powerful and efficient enough to monitor a larger area and space at any given time.

Tycoon has a dedicated team of security experts who can provide a wide range of efficient services. All products from Tycoon’s surveillance camera systems are of high quality and carries a guarantee period, along with maintenance for the products and services according to the customers’ needs.

Tycoon CCTV Services Supports

Residential CCTV Installations

Security is an integral aspect of residential complexes, and those spaces that can provide the best will have a better growing and safe environment. Tycoon delivers this safety with their top-notch CCTV camera installation . The residential complexes can avail of Tycoon’s various security camera solutions and prompt CCTV installations . Tycoon CCTV company offers camera systems that can be placed in the parking lots of residential spaces, the hallways, corridors as well as on the rooftops to prevent illegal and unwanted activities from happening.

Home CCTV Installations

Security of your home is imperative to the safety of your family, belongings and premises. Some areas are targeted by criminals especially when they know the houses are left unattended by owners. But the presence of CCTV cameras can deter criminals from breaking in or otherwise perpetrating a crime in a house if the possibility of getting caught is high. Tycoon provides comprehensive CCTV Camera installations which will ensure your homes are protected throughout the day and night. Even when you are travelling, you can rig up the surveillance cameras in your house with your smartphone or laptop or tablet and remotely monitor and safeguard your property and family.

Commercial Spaces like Malls, Warehouses etc.

Securing commercial areas like offices, company compounds, malls, warehouses etc. with advanced security measures like CCTV cameras can help customers lower the risk of illegal activities within their spaces. Through Tycoon’s CCTV camera installations , customers get comprehensive security camera solutions that protects their premises from criminals. Moreover, the presence of cameras in prominent places like corridors, parking lots, office rooms, hallways etc. will also deter the staff from behaving rashly or involving in any illegal activities. This ensures that the disciple of an organisation is maintained. Tycoon CCTV company also delivers night vision cameras for customers who would like to rig the systems in their warehouses and malls to keep thieves and other outcasts out of their premises.

Vehicular Systems for Cars, Buses etc

Customers can also fit their vehicles like cars and buses with CCTV cameras. Tycoon offers a wide range of CCTV camera installation for clients who would like to attach a security camera to their vehicle. Security camera systems can be placed inside the vehicle or attached externally to keep tabs on who interacts with the vehicle and to prevent it from being stolen. Rear cameras can also be used as evidence in cases of accidents as well. In large vehicles like buses and trucks, a security camera can provide the driver with a view of the passengers or goods being transported and he can make sure nothing outward is happening behind his back, while he is at the wheel.

Importance of CCTV Security

CCTV installation has brought in a great advantage in added security and has enforced the safety and regulations of the community. When vying for a developmental growth in a city like Dubai, it is imperative for residential and commercial spaces to employ CCTV installation , and as such, Tycoon CCTV company is the pitstop for all your security camera solutions.

Why Install CCTV?

Tycoon deals with CCTV camera installation and have been the front runners in providing comprehensive security camera solutions for homes and offices. People now use CCTV cameras not only for large companies or commercia spaces, but also for their homes, small businesses or properties. Tycoon offers clients surveillance cameras that are affordable and designed exclusively for their residential as well as business uses as well.

Access from Everywhere & Anywhere

Tycoon CCTV company provides security cameras and monitoring systems that can installed without hassles quickly and affordably. These security devices can also be used remotely, wherein you can monitor your assets even when you are far from your home or office.

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras are a must for places that gets attacked during night. Even with low crime rates, it is always advisable to have a camera system that can see and record in the dark. Tycoon CCTV company provides the best camera systems with night vision that can record and monitor your premises in pitch dark.

Live Monitoring

Tycoon will provide you with CCTV installation that will allow you to monitor your homes or offices in real-time. Live monitoring is possible with the bare minimum of requirements, like an active internet connection and a device like a laptop or smartphone or tablet. With your CCTV system linked to your gadget, you can access the live feed of your security cameras.

Mobile Vision

As stated in the above point, you can rig up your surveillance system with your smartphone or tablet and have mobile access of the feed. This helps immensely when you are on the move constantly and you want to monitor and safeguard your assets.

Dubai Police Certification

Tycoon provides CCTV camera installation under the authentic certification of Police. This guarantees the quality and reliability of our products and services ensuring that they meet the regulatory standards of the industry.?

A Year’s Support

Tycoon has made a name for itself on being the top CCTV company due to our diligence and efficient team. We provide our customers with a year’s worth of free service that includes support and maintainence of our products. Furthermore, our customers can renew this service annually

How Is it Helpful?

Having a CCTV camera installation can be helpful in various ways. The mere presence of the camera system is enough to deter any criminal activities or attempts due to the fear of being captured. Be it residential or commercial complexes, people should be aware of the following benefits of having a security camera solution in their premises.

Stops Crime?

Criminals, when they know that a place is rigged with security cameras, would think twice before committing a felony in that space. Stops Employee Theft: In a commercial space, CCTV cameras can keep track of employee activities and catch those doing unlawful things. Visual records can be used to analyse and asses the activities in a legal and healthy manner. This ensures that staff do not take advantage over their employers.

Is Evidence

Footage gained from CCTV cameras can be used as compelling evidences in the event of any illegal activities or crime. This evidence is admissible in a court of law and can be used to bring the culprits to justice.

Provides Protection

This is especially true for residential spaces where you can ensure the safety of your loved ones. With advanced technology, one can monitor their homes even if they are travelling. Moreover, you can also keep tabs on your assets inside your homes or workspaces, and take care that they are not tampered with or stolen.

Promotes Good Behaviour

When a commercial space is set up with a CCTV camera system, the staff will take extra care to be on their best behaviour, lest any indiscretion is found out. This promotes a good discipline inside the organisation.


What is the cost of installing a CCTV system?

The cost of CCTV installation can vary according to your requirements. Depending upon the type of security camera you would need, the place for installation and the features of the camera, the cost would differ. However, Tycoon CCTV Company promises to deliver the best products at an affordable rate with expert service in tow. Contact us now for the best quote.

Does it take a long time to install a CCTV system?

The time taken to install a security camera system depends upon the place and area required under surveillance. Be it a residential complex or a commercial space, the number of cameras required can up the time of installation. Tycoon CCTV Company offers to install CCTV cameras in the fastest possible time. As an example, for a small-sized business space that requires 8 cameras to be placed indoors, will take approximately 5-6 hours of installation time.

Where do you install cameras?

Tycoon CCTV company has Police Certification and complies with standards and regulations put down by the Police. Therefore, we place cameras only according to those regulatory guidelines or according to our client’s requirements.

What are the different types of cameras used for installation?

Tycoon CCTV Camera Installation company uses different types of cameras depending upon our client’s requirements and the location of the installation. Since Tycoon CCTV Company has a wide array of security cameras with different features, like Night Vision, that are of a superior quality than any you can find in the market, and that too at a competitive price, you can rest assured you will get the best in the market.

What is the warranty period you offer?

Tycoon CCTV company offers a 1-year product replacement warranty, which also includes a year of free service and maintenance. In the event that our customers find any fault with our products, we will replace any faulty cameras within 24-hours. Our customers can also renew their service contracts annually.

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